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Reflective And Breathable Vest Harness for Pets

Reflective And Breathable Vest Harness for Pets

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Give your feline friend the freedom to explore the world safely and in style with our Cat Vest Harness and Leash. This specially designed harness provides a secure and comfortable fit, allowing your cat to enjoy outdoor adventures while keeping them close by. Whether strolling in the garden or going on a neighbourhood walk, the Cat Vest Harness and Leash is the perfect combination of safety and fashion for your beloved cat.


  1. Secure Vest Design: The Cat Vest Harness features a secure and comfortable vest design that evenly distributes pressure across the chest and shoulders. This design ensures a snug fit without restricting your cat's movements, allowing for comfortable exploration.
  2. Adjustable Straps: Customizable and adjustable straps provide a tailored fit for your cat. Achieve the perfect snugness without compromising comfort, allowing your cat to move freely while maintaining control during walks or outdoor activities.
  3. Easy-to-Use Buckle Closure: The easy-to-use buckle closure ensures a quick and secure fastening. The durable buckle is designed to withstand gentle tugs and movements, providing stability and peace of mind during outdoor excursions.
  4. Stylish Options: Choose from a variety of stylish colors and patterns to match your cat's personality. The Cat Vest Harness adds a touch of flair to your cat's outdoor wardrobe, ensuring they explore in style.


  1. Comfortable Exploration: The vest design and adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit for your cat, allowing them to explore their surroundings without restrictions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your cat is both secure and at ease.
  2. Secure Outdoor Bonding: Strengthen the bond with your cat through outdoor activities. The Cat Vest Harness and Leash provide a secure and controlled environment for shared outdoor moments, fostering a deeper connection.
  3. Fashionable Outdoor Attire: Elevate your cat's outdoor wardrobe with the stylish options of the Cat Vest Harness. Choose from different colours and patterns to make a fashion statement during your cat's outdoor escapades.


  1. Garden Strolls: Take your pet on leisurely strolls in the garden. The Cat Vest Harness allows your cat to explore nature while maintaining a secure and comfortable fit, enhancing the outdoor experience.
  2. Neighborhood Walks: Enjoy neighborhood walks with your cat by using the Cat Vest Harness and Leash. Provide them with the freedom to explore while ensuring they stay close and safe during your outdoor outings.
  3. Balcony or Patio Use: For indoor cats or those with limited outdoor access, use the harness on balconies or patios. The secure vest design allows your cat to enjoy fresh air and the outdoor environment under your watchful eye.

Gear up for safe and stylish outdoor adventures with the Cat and Dod Vest Harness and Leash. Order now to provide your cat with the comfort, security, and fashion-forward design needed for enjoyable outdoor exploration. Because every cat deserves to explore the world safely and in style!


Bust (cm)

Rope length (cm)

recommended weight( catty )

XS 24-27 120 Within  3
S 29-33 120 3-6
M 35-39 120 6-9
L 40-44 120 10-14
XL 45-50 120 15-20


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